Best Vape Starter Kits In 2021

Fraser Horton
Fraser Horton
Last Updated on December 3, 2021

If you’ve decided to switch to vaping, you’re not alone. Many smokers have already replaced cigarettes with vaporizers and aren’t going back. And with the huge variety of vapes currently on the market, switching to vaping may seem intimidating, which is why reading guides like ours that’ll help you choose the best vaping device for your needs is a great idea.

If you’re new to the world of vaping, the best way to start would be to use a vape starter kit. Vape kits are easy to use and have everything you need to start vaping right away, which is why they’re super-convenient. In today’s buying guide, we’ll review the best vape starter kits worth checking out based on their overall performance, so let’s get right into it.

The 10 Best Vape Starter Kits

All of the starter kits on our list are high-quality products that have proven to be a suitable introduction to the vape world. If you’re just starting out, prepare for an exciting ride, because vaping is very different from smoking (in the best way possible). Let’s begin!

Best Box Mod Kits & Pod Mod Kits

Aegis X GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Kit

Vaping geniuses GeekVape really know how to merge their two best-seller innovations, the Aegis X box mod, and the Zeus Sub-Ohm tank. The resulting combo, aptly called GeekVape Aegis X Zeus Starter Kit, is everything you need and more.

First of all, the Aegis X box mod has a dual high amp 18650 battery mod that can reach 200W, which enables you to easily produce gigantic vaporous clouds to up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has an AS 2.0 Chipset for wattage and temperature control as well as a colorful display. Last but not least, this box mod is dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof, so you’ll never have to worry about durability.

Moving on to the Zeus sub-ohm tank, we have nothing but words of praise. The combination of stainless steel and Pyrex glass makes it far from ordinary. It’s very easy to use and refill, and it can hold up to 5.5 ml of e-juice. The best part? The Zeus tank produces superior flavor praised by everyone who’s tried it, so if you needed a reason to be convinced, let this be it!

To get the Aegis X GeekVape Z Sub-Ohm Kit at an awesome price, use code LEAFNATION for 10% off your purchase!

Vaporesso GEN

The Vaporesso GEN is one of the best-designed mods out there. Its sleek and ergonomic design with a rubber-like coating feels soft and comfortable in your hands and has a great grip. It works with dual 18650 batteries which are not included in the kit. It can reach a whopping 220W of power making it capable of producing some extraordinary clouds.

Vaporesso paired the GEN mod with their New AXON Chipset which has some very useful features, such as ECO Mode (to help you save battery), Fast Charging, Pulse Mode (for continuous puffing), SMART Temperature Control Mode (for automatic coil recognition), and more, added to take your vaping experience to the next level.

The GEN mod works great paired with the Vaporesso SKRR-S tank, but it’s also compatible with any RDAs, RTAs, and sub-ohm tanks. All in all, the Vaporesso GEN feels luxurious in your hand, it performs very well, and its functionality is nothing short of amazing.

Voopoo Drag 3

The Voopoo Drag 3 may be a tad less powerful than other vapes on our list, but it’s no less praise-worthy. Even though it has an output power of 177W, the Voopoo Drag 3 performs very well. It’s equipped with the Gene Fan 2.0 Chipset which provides some great functions, such as the Smart Mode which is perfect for beginners because it prevents the mod from going over the recommended wattage.

Other useful functions are the RBA Mode, which enables you to customize the wattage to your liking independent of which coil you use, and the Super Mode, which produces clouds large enough to take you to vape heaven.

The Voopoo Drag 3 looks very cool and sturdy with its metal and leather casing, and even though the edges are slightly sharp, it’s still comfortable to hold. The kit comes with the TPP (Tank Pod Push) pod-style tank which can hold up to 5.5 ml vape juice and features adjustable airflow and a threaded 510 adapter, so you can use it with any other tank that uses a 510 connection.

Innokin Kroma Z

The Innokin Kroma Z is a pod mod starter kit that’s well-worth knowing if you don’t already. The Kroma Z is the latest in Innokin’s popular Kroma line. The design is compact, smooth, and lightweight, and the case itself has a soft rubbery finish. The pod mod is ready to use right out of the box, it comes with a 0.3ohm RDL mesh coil and 0.8ohm MTL coil, plus two additional drip tips, which enables you to adjust your vaping experience to your preferences.

One pretty cool thing about this pod mod is that it uses a 3000mAh rechargeable battery which can power up to 40W. And even though the battery takes about 90 minutes to be fully charged via a C-port USB cable, it lasts for a good three days of carefree vaping. The pods are well-held with a couple of large magnets near the front of the base. Their capacity is 4.5 ml and one genius thing about the pods is that you don’t have to remove the pod to refill it.

Finally, the Innokin Kroma Z is fully compatible with the whole Innokin Z-Coil line, via the Innokin 510 adapter. It’s a wonderful and versatile vaping product that performs super well, so it’s hard to find any cons.

Smok IPX 80 Kit

The Smok IPX 80 Kit is a super powerful pod mod kit that can reach a power output of 80W and it encases a 3000 mAh battery. The battery is charged through a C-type USB charging cable and one downside is that it takes about two hours to fully charge, but on the other hand, one full charge will last you for days. The kit comes with one 0.16ohm RPM 2 mesh coil good for sub-ohm vaping and one RPM 2 DC 0.6ohm MTL coil.

This vape pod kit is constructed from a durable zinc alloy case covered with a thin silicone layer that gives it an ergonomic feel. It has a modern design and futuristic color combos and it’s shockproof, waterproof, and dustproof.

The pod can hold 5.5 ml of e-juice or nicotine salt, whichever you prefer, and it’s transparent enough to let you see how much vape juice you have left. The device has dual airflow adjustment dials to help you customize your vaping session to the max.

Best Vape Pen Kits

Uwell Nunchaku 2

The Uwell Nunchaku 2 vape kit is an upgrade to the already popular Nunchaku vape pen. It’s made out of stainless steel, making it quite durable. It’s also dustproof, moisture-proof, and has an elegant design.

It accommodates a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery, depending on your preference, but the battery is sold separately. In any case, the goal with the bigger batteries is to obtain a longer battery life compared to its predecessor which only worked with the 18650 battery.

The Nunchaku 2 features 100W max power output which guarantees you’ll produce some very nice vapors. It comes with two new honeycomb mesh coils – a 0.2ohm Kanthal Mesh coil and a 0.14ohm SS316L mesh coil, which heat up quickly and evenly to produce maximum flavor. Like its predecessor, it has temperature control and variable wattage modes to accommodate your preferences. Finally, the screen shows the battery life, mode, wattage, and coil resistance, so it’s pretty easy to use.


One thing you’ll often hear about JUUL is that it looks like a huge USB stick, and it wouldn’t be far from the truth. At first glance, JUUL looks like any old disposable vape, but it’s actually more durable than that. It’s a very interesting product that has kept its title as one of the most popular vapes on the market for years.

JUUL has a battery capacity of only 200 mAh, but it doesn’t need any more than that. The device activates when you pull, just like a cigarette, so it only uses a small amount of power per puff. JUUL works with disposable pods which come in various flavors. The battery comes with a mini USB charge dock and it’s available in grey and black.

JUUL is one of the best vapes for beginners because you can obtain a high-class vaping experience with minimum effort. It’s easy to use and the device itself isn’t complicated. The only thing you have to do is load a pod into the device and start vaping. Easy peasy!

Vaporesso XROS 2

Vaporesso is one of the most popular brands on the market and their XROS 2 is another success. It’s a pod vape that’s designed to be used with nicotine salt e-liquids. It uses a 1000 mAh battery that can be both draw and fire button activated, including an LED battery life indicator. And speaking of battery life, one charge can last you up to two days, which is pretty good.

The XROS 2 kit comes with two pods – a 1.2ohm pod that delivers a tighter draw but it produces great flavor and a 0.8ohm mesh pod that’s a bit looser, making the flavor even better. The great thing about the pods is that they’re compatible with all the other devices from the same line. The pods can hold 2 ml of vape juice and they’re also completely clear which allows you to see how much vape juice you have left.

All in all, the XROS 2 is a great product that performs very well and allows you to customize your vaping sessions while keeping it simple.

FreeMax Onnix 2

The FreeMax Onnix 2 is a modern, slim, and lightweight pod vape that’s a very good MTL beginner vape. It holds a 900 mAh battery that takes only about an hour to charge fully and lasts the whole day. With a power output of up to 15W, this pod vape can be activated with a draw or via a power button.

The kit comes with a 0.8ohm coil, which is perfect for fruity flavors, and a 1.0ohm OX coil, which is more suitable for vaping sweet and dessert-like flavors. The kit itself detects which coil is inside and it adjusts the wattage accordingly, so there’s no need to worry about doing it wrong. The pods can hold 2 ml of freebase e-liquid or nicotine salts, and they’re semi-transparent which might make it hard to see where you’re at.

Finally, this vape wasn’t made for massive vapor production, but to allow you to produce moderate clouds without sacrificing the flavor, and we like that.

Smok Vape Pen V2 Kit

The Smok Vape Pen V2 kit is an all-in-one pen-style starter kit that’s super simple and effective. This device is excellent at producing big vaporous clouds activated by a single button. It has an impressive 1600 mAh battery that can boast up to 60W, making it pretty powerful considering its simplicity.

This vape comes with two 0.15ohm Vape Pen Meshed Coils which produce an intense flavor, while its reservoir can hold 3 ml of e-liquid. If you want to modify the flavor and adjust the airflow, all you need to do is rotate the AFC ring.

What Is a Vape Kit?

Simply said, a vape kit is a box that contains nearly all of the elements needed for vaping, such as a vape pen, vape tank, or vape mod, an atomizer with a coil, and a USB charger for the battery, plus there are usually replacement coils for your tank.

We say nearly all because some kits also include batteries, but this is not the standard. Similarly, the e-juice is not included in most vape kits, so you’ll have to buy it separately. An exception to this are pod mod kits which come with disposable cartridges filled with vape juice in different flavors.

Basic Vaping Glossary

The hardest part of getting into vaping is getting yourself familiar with the new terminology. However, this part is necessary because it provides you with the base for your vaping journey. Once you learn how vaping works, you’ll find it easier to customize it to your needs and desires, as well as find a vaping device suitable for you personally. Therefore, we prepared a basic vaping glossary to help you:

  • The atomizer is the component of a vape that converts the vape juice into vapor. Inside the atomizer, there is a heating coil that is connected with the battery which powers it;
  • APV stands for advanced personal vaporizer and it refers to a type of vape that consists of a separate tank, battery, and atomizer. Also called mods (short for modified vaping device), these types of vapes are larger and highly customizable;
  • Base liquid is the base substance used to make the vape juice. The most commonly used ingredients are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol;
  • Base mix refers to the base liquid with added nicotine;
  • Box mod refers to a square-shaped APV which has more battery power and advanced features;
  • The cartridge is the part of a vape that holds the vape juice and it’s usually smaller than a tank and needs to be refilled more frequently;
  • Cartomiser refers to the combination of cartridge and atomizer in one vaping device;
  • Coil is the part of the atomizer that heats the vape juice;
  • Vape juice/e-juice/e-liquid refers to the vaping liquid which consists of a base mix and flavorings;
  • OHM is a measure of electrical resistance determined by the resistance of the coils and the power output of the battery;
  • Pods are disposable cartridges pre-filled with vape juice and used with pod mods. They can also be refillable;
  • Sub-OHM tanks are more powerful and able to produce huge clouds of vapor because they have high tolerance to lower resistance coils;
  • The tank is a larger chamber that holds the vape juice and is usually part of larger devices;
  • The wick helps the vape juice to move from the cartridge to the atomizer.

Types of Vape Kits

If you’re new to vaping, it’s totally normal to be confused about the different types of vape kits. There is new terminologies to learn and you need to know how e-cigarettes work – but once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly learn to differentiate between them. Although all vaporizers work on the same principle, they have some functional differences which separate them into different types:

  • E-cigarettes or cig-a-likes are the first generation of vapes and they’re very simple devices. Small and slim, and they look like real cigarettes and come pre-filled with e-juice. The cartridge can be disposable or refillable and their batteries are replaceable, making them good for absolute beginners;
  • All-in-one (AIO) vape devices are compact vaporizers that come in two styles – pen-style and pod-style devices. Pen-style AIOs consist of two parts, of which the bottom part houses the battery and the top fill system (or tank) holds the vape juice and the mouthpiece. They’re similar to vape pens, but the atomizer is not removable. Pod-style AIOs look a lot like pod systems, but the difference is that they work with replaceable coils instead of replaceable pods;
  • Vape pens are slender vaporizers and some of the most popular types of vape devices currently on the market. They’re pretty compact and they consist of a refillable tank and a battery. They’re activated by a power button and often have features like adjustable airflow and wattage settings;
  • Pod vapes or pod mods are relatively new on the market but their popularity has risen exponentially because they’re perfect for new vapers and they’re super simple to use. The only downside is that they’re pretty pricey compared to other vape types. Pod vapes are very sleek and lightweight with a built-in battery. They come with either refillable or disposable pods which are pre-filled with e-liquid. Using them is simple – you attach the pod to the battery and start vaping;
  • Box mod kits are more complicated and advanced devices. They’re designed to offer you a hands-on vaping experience where you get to control many parameters. Box mods come with large and box-shaped tanks. They’re big enough to house one big battery or several smaller ones, making them more powerful. They often feature temperature control settings, puff counters, screen color, and lighting, as well as coil-type recognition and atomizer limits.

How to Choose a Vape Starter Kit?

The variety of vaping products is gigantic and can seem overwhelming when you’re a new vaper, so knowing what to look for when you go vape shopping can make your experience a little easier.

So, when you’re starting out, you probably want to look for a nice-looking vape that you’ll enjoy using. Additionally, it should be compact and portable, so you can carry it with you everywhere without a problem, and finally, it should have a good battery life to last you for at least one full day, if not longer.

But more importantly, a vape starter kit should be user-friendly. You want a device that can be easily adjusted to your preferences and meet your needs in terms of nicotine content, flavor intensity, and draw. We recommend that you keep it simple by looking for a starter kit with minimal customizable settings. After all, complicated doesn’t always mean better, and you can find many simple vape starter kits that are of great quality.

Are Cheap Vaping Starter Kits Worth Considering?

Good vape pen starter kits are an investment, so if you’re on a budget or are considering joining the vape world but don’t want to commit right away and spend a small fortune, you might be thinking of buying a cheap vape starter kit to break the ice. But are cheap vape kits capable of providing a good vaping experience?

Truth is, most cheap models are incomparable to pricier ones in terms of performance, durability, and reliability. The vapor production will definitely not be the same, nor the flavor. The quality of the materials used is simply different and this inevitably changes your whole vaping experience.

But if you’re set on finding a good vape on a budget, you’ll really need to do your research well. Finding a good cheap vape kit is hard, but it’s not impossible, plus you can always upgrade later. One good example of an affordable and well-made vape kit is the Joyetech eGo AIO D22 XL which is an amazing vaping product at a price point of less than $25.


Which brand of vape is the best?

The vape market has been booming for a while now and there are some really great vape brands that are producing some high-quality products well-worth checking out. There are many vape brands that have kept their place at the top for many years due to their high-quality products, good customer service, and customer satisfaction.

When choosing a vape brand to buy from, you should always take these things into account and read the customer reviews to really get a good feel about a brand. The vape industry is now so well-developed that compared to the past, you’ll easily know if a brand is really worth spending your money on before you get to the checkout. That being said, if you want specific recommendations, just take a look at the ones on our list.

Does vaping rot your teeth?

Vaping is nowhere near as harmful to your teeth as smoking, but it can put your teeth at risk of tooth decay and enamel damage. The main reason behind this is that the base liquids and flavorings used in vape juice can lead to increased bacterial activity in your mouth, which is associated with cavities and gum disease. However, with proper oral hygiene, you can balance out the negative effects of vaping on your teeth and keep them healthy and strong.

Will my lungs heal if I switch to vaping?

The harmful effects of smoking have decades of research behind them and quitting smoking is the first step to healing your lungs and improving their function, as well as reducing your risk of heart disease. Once you quit smoking, your lungs will slowly start to heal themselves and gradually expel all of the leftover tar and other irritants.

Switching to vaping can aid this process because the vapor that vaporizers produce is far from the toxin-heavy cigarette smoke. In fact, you should start noticing some differences within two weeks and any symptoms you may have had before (coughing, mucus production, etc.) should start improving, especially as more time passes.

How many puffs a day is normal for vaping?

There is no standard number of puffs per day because each vaper needs a different amount of nicotine to satisfy their needs. On top of that, the number of daily puffs is highly variable and will change from day to day depending on your mood, lifestyle, and momentary circumstances. Therefore, it’s best to listen to what your body says. Some days you may need more and some days you’ll need less nicotine. Either way, it’s highly individual.

Is it better to vape or smoke?

Time and time again, vaping has been proclaimed a much safer and better alternative to smoking because it doesn’t expose your respiratory system to hot smoke filled with toxic chemicals. Therefore, we’ll keep it simple – it’s definitely better to vape than to smoke, but since e-liquids contain more nicotine than cigarettes, you should be wary of overconsuming and propelling your nicotine addiction.

How many puffs equal a cigarette?

E-liquids are concentrated products so only a small amount of e-liquid will equal a whole cigarette. There are roughly 20 drops per milliliter of vape juice. To be more precise, one drop of vape juice equals about half a cigarette, which is 7 puffs. Following this, two drops of vape juice would equal 14 puffs or one whole cigarette.

Is it easier to quit vaping than smoking?

As weird as it may sound, vaping may actually be harder to quit than smoking, although more evidence is needed to support this claim. The main reason why vaping may be harder to quit is that e-liquids deliver larger amounts of nicotine than cigarettes and do so more efficiently.

Vapers who are used to vaping e-liquids with a higher nicotine strength might find it even harder to quit. Additionally, some newer vape pod models, such as the JUUL, vaporize nicotine salts which allow for more efficient absorption and a stronger hit.

Is zero nicotine vaping safe?

While zero nicotine vaping is generally considered to be safe, it hasn’t been widely researched. From what we know so far, the safety of zero nicotine vaping mostly depends on the ingredients used for the vape juice, namely, the base liquid and flavorings.

There are some studies that indicate that the base ingredients used in some e-liquids may cause lung irritation. A 2015 study showed that propylene glycol and glycerol can irritate the airways when vaporized, while a 2018 study has implied that some e-juice flavorings (diacetyl, o-vanillin, cinnamaldehyde, and others) may cause inflammatory response at larger doses. With that being said, we can’t claim anything about zero nicotine vaping until we know more.

What happens if you vape too much?

If you vape too much, you’ll end up with more nicotine in your system than you can handle, and that may lead to some unpleasant side effects, such as nausea, increased heart rate, and even vomiting.

Nicotine tolerance develops with time and use, and each person has their own limit of how much nicotine they can comfortably tolerate, even when you’ve been a long-time nicotine user. Usually, experienced users have a higher tolerance to nicotine, while beginners or infrequent users are more sensitive.

On top of that, e-liquids are concentrated products anyway and one hit of vapor delivers more nicotine than one hit of a cigarette, so you should always watch your dose and buy vape juice with a nicotine concentration appropriate to your tolerance.

Finally, vaping too much or more often than your body can handle can lead to lung irritation and even lung injury. Some flavorings used in e-liquids can be irritating in large amounts and do more harm than good. Therefore, it’s always best to enjoy vaping in moderate amounts and avoid going over the top.

Can a dentist tell if you vape?

You might want to keep your vaping habits private from your dentist, but the truth is, you don’t have to because there is no way they can tell if you vape. While vaping can certainly cause some gum problems and tooth enamel damage, it’s not a tell-tale sign that you vape.

As we previously said, vaping may increase your risk of developing some oral problems, but it’s nothing that can’t be prevented by good hygiene. Ultimately, it’s your overall oral health that your dentist cares about, and if you floss regularly and use a good toothbrush and toothpaste, you’re one step ahead already.

Is it OK to vape in the house?

Vaping in the house is a common concern of vapers, especially if they live with individuals vulnerable to secondhand smoke, such as children and the elderly. In general, the secondhand smoke (or secondhand vapor) the vapes produce is free of chemicals and much less smelly than a cigarette.

Vaporizers don’t produce sidestream smoke and they don’t have a cherry burning at all times – you just inhale and exhale, and that’s it. That being said, for safety purposes you can still avoid vaping around vulnerable individuals, but know that neither the chemicals nor the smell pose a significant risk.

Will I have more energy if I quit vaping?

Vaping itself is much easier on the lungs compared to smoking because there are fewer combusted chemicals involved, hence less damage to the lungs. That being said, it’s still unknown how vaping affects lung capacity and, consequently, energy levels – but so far, the assumption is that it’s much safer than smoking.

However, counterfeit vapes may cause serious lung inflammation because they contain diluents that can be very harmful when inhaled at higher temperatures. That’s why you should always buy from reputable brands and learn to spot fake ones.

In any case, if you ever feel like your lung function has been affected by vaping in any way, it’s better to quit or reduce the frequency of vaping and see how your body reacts to the change.

Does vaping help with anxiety?

Vaping can sometimes be a coping strategy for individuals who suffer from anxiety because of the initial buzz you get from the nicotine. Nicotine stimulates the release of adrenaline and dopamine (the feel-good hormone) which instantly lifts up your mood.

However, this effect is short-lived and starts to dwindle after an hour or so. Even though nicotine produces instant relaxation and improved mood, research has shown that chronic use can actually result in increased anxiety following withdrawal. Therefore, vaping is not a real solution to controlling anxiety, but only a temporary fix.

Final Thoughts

Once you switch from smoking to vaping, you enter a new world. Sure there’s a lot of terminologies to learn at first, but once you learn about the types of vapes and vape juice, you’ll have a great time exploring the vape world. Vaping is much better for your respiratory system, and of course, much more flavorful. Remember to do your research well and choose the vape that suits your needs and lifestyle the best. And finally, enjoy your new vape kit!


The information presented on this page is provided as a public service to aid in education and is derived from sources believed to be reliable. Readers are responsible for making their own assessment of the topics discussed here. In no event shall Leaf Nation be held reliable for any injury, loss or damage that could happen if using or abusing drugs.