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Fraser Horton
Fraser Horton
Last Updated on December 7, 2021

It doesn’t matter what your prefered method of weed consumption is, you’ll always need a properly ground herb to enjoy a good high. Whether you like to vape, roll a joint, or use a bong, your finely ground weed will do the trick for each one of those cannabis vessels.

So, in order to help you choose the best weed grinder that’ll suit your specific needs, we’ll go over the types of grinders you can find on the market, the materials these grinders are made out of, as well as the best weed grinders for each category. So, if you’d like to find out which grinder is best suited for you to grind your precious flower, read on.

What Are Cannabis Grinders?

It’s true that you can use your fingernails or a pair of scissors to grind your weed, however, to get the perfectly ground up bud, the best way to go about it is by grinding it using the sharp teeth of your weed grinder. These small portable devices grind your weed to enable optimal burning and also collect the white resinous trichomes filled with THC and CBD, which are all located around your bud, also known as kief.

Weed Grinder

While there are a lot of cannabis weed grinders available on the market, not all of them are the same. To help you make a better decision when purchasing your weed grinder, we’ll go over the most popular grinders on the market today. But first, let’s list all the benefits weed grinders bring.

The Benefits of Using a Weed Grinder

Cannabis aficionados are always searching for the best weed smoking experience, and apart from the atmosphere, the people, the quality of the weed, and the smoking device, the way in which your dry herb is ground up also affects the overall experience. So, let’s get into the subject of why you should purchase a weed grinder, and how to choose the best grinder for weed.

Getting An Even Cannabis Grind

While a lot of cannabis consumers use other methods to separate the buds into smaller chunks, grinders are best when it comes to this job. All the ground-up, loose pieces have the same texture and a similar size, which will result in a smooth smoking session. Your herb will get heated evenly, and especially for those who use vapes, a fine grind will result in a more potent and thicker vapor.

You Can Pack Your Bowls and Pipes Better

Grinding your weed finely means that you’ll be able to pack your bowls and pipes better, resulting in a more powerful hit. When you increase the surface area of weed in your bowl, it will be easier to pull when you inhale. And if you’re used to smaller bowls and one hitters, a fine grind will ensure the one hitter is packed tightly.

Preserve Your Cannabis Smoking Devices

If you’ve bought a high-quality cannabis vaporizer, you’d want to have it for as long as possible. Grinding your herbs properly will ensure that you have an easy clean up and less residue once you’ve finished vaping, so it’ll last longer as a result.

Weed Grinders

This isn’t just useful for cannabis vapes, since pipes and bongs are also cleaned easier when you have an evenly grounded weed that burns evenly. In the end, you won’t only extend the lifespan of your vaporizer, pipe, or bong for longer, but you’ll also use your weed stash to your best advantage.

Wasting Your Kief

Another reason to use a quality weed grinder is to collect the precious kief. You see, a lot of low quality grinders end up wasting a lot of the powerful trichome rich powdery substance – kief. You can use kief to top your joint, make moon rocks or edibles, or use it in your bong, but the worst thing you can do is waste this potent substance.

Good weed grinders come with pollen screens or pollen catchers which collect kief (dry pollen or sift) so you can take full advantage of the cannabis plant. Generally, these types of grinders are 4-piece grinders and their slightly higher price is definitely worth it.

Types Of Weed Grinders

When figuring out which weed grinder to buy, you need to take a look at the varieties as well as the materials the grinder is made from.

Cannabis Grinder Varieties

In general, we differentiate between manual grinders and electric grinders. The former involve using your hands, while the latter involve a more sophisticated mechanism which is rather effortless.


Electric grinders grind your weed efficiently without you having to use any force. The downside is that they’re more expensive than manual grinders and won’t preserve your kief. However, they’re very good for people with achy or shaky hands.

When looking at manual grinders, on the other hand, you can differentiate among the following varieties:

  • Two-piece weed grinder;
  • Three-piece weed grinder;
  • Four-piece weed grinder;
  • Five-piece weed grinder;
  • Card grinder.

2-Piece Grinder

The two piece grinder is made up of one grinding chamber which is used for both grinding weed and storing it. This is the simplest type of weed grinder and generally it’s the least expensive.

3-Piece Grinder

This type of grinder is a bit different than the first one since it contains two compartments. One of them is used for grinding the weed, and the other for storing it.

4-Piece Grinder

The four-piece grinder is made up of three compartments which include one for storage, one for grinding, and one for collecting kief together with a mesh screen.

5-Piece Grinder

This type of grinder is made up of four compartments – one for grinding, one for storing, and two for collecting kief. Two kief catchers enable you to catch more of the kief powder as well as the small plant material.

Card Grinders

Card grinders are another type of manual weed grinders which are slim, portable, and can even fit in your wallet. These grinders don’t do as well of a job as other grinders though they are rather cheap, don’t take up a lot of room, and are a good option when you’re on the go.

Cannabis Grinder Materials

Grinders can be made from different types of materials, and each will determine the price range of your grinder. Weed grinders can be made out of:

  • Plastic;
  • Wood
  • Aluminium;
  • Titanium.


Plastic grinders are the most inexpensive ones, as well as the most lightweight. They do manage to grind your weed efficiently, though they won’t last as long as the other ones.


Aluminum grinders are a bit more expensive than plastic ones, but they’re also one of the cheapest metal grinders. They are very easy to use, last longer than plastic ones, and provide a good grind. However, they tend to weigh more than the plastic ones.


Titanium grinders are lighter than the aluminum ones and have the highest quality out of all weed grinder types. They’re also the most expensive ones, but they will definitely last a long time.


Wooden grinders are one of the most unique grinders, but using them will require more effort to grind the weed compared to other grinders.

The Best Herb Grinders of 2021

If you’re looking for a weed grinder, you only need to go to Amazon and you can literally find thousands of grinders there, however, if you’re looking for the finest grinder out there, you need to take a few factors into consideration. To figure out which grinder works best for you, you need to take a look at your budget, preferred materials, as well as the way in which you consume weed, whether in a joint, a vape, or a bong, as each method requires a different grind.

Best Weed Grinders For Joints

An even grind enables you to roll your joint easier and ensures an even burn. However, keep in mind that if you grind your weed into dust, you won’t be able to roll it efficiently in your rolling papers, so you need to opt for a fluffier texture.

One of the grinders that enables you to properly grind your dry weed into a fluffy texture is the Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder. This grinder’s durability and sturdiness can help you grind even the driest and toughest herb.

Best Weed Grinders for Vaping

To get the best out of your vaping experience, you’ll need a device that will grind your weed so it’s best suited for your vaporizer. For example, convection vapes pass hot air around and through the herb and require a coarser texture, while conduction vapes heat the herb directly through its surface and therefore work better with finely ground weed.

To get a coarser grind, you can go for the Aerospaced 4-piece grinder. This toothless grinder with sharp aluminum blades will get you the perfect grind, won’t grind your bud into a powder, and will minimize trichome loss so you have a more flavorful and potent vaping experience.

Another great option is the Kannastör GR8TR V2 Jar Body which has micro teeth that make a perfect grind. This grinder not only grinds your weed, but also stores it, and the storage puck can even be separated from the grinder, so it makes the perfect travel-size container for your ground-up buds.

Best Weed Grinder Cards

When people are away from home, they often opt for a grinder that is less expensive and comes in a travel size that can easily be placed next to your credit card in your wallet, or inside your bag. This is where grinder cards come in hand.

While they don’t provide as nice a grind as regular grinders do, they’re ideal when you’re traveling and have no place to put your large grinder. Grinder cards are mostly made out of medical-grade stainless steel, and you can find them all over Amazon. There are different manufacturers and different designs so you can choose which one you prefer, although the quality is similar between all of them.

Best Wood Weed Grinders

If you look for a good wood weed grinder, you can check the Marley Natural Wood Grinder. This wooden grinder is created in honor of the memory of Bob Marley and is made from American black walnut trees. The grinder is made up of four parts and includes a kief catcher, as well as a trichome scooper. Its sharp teeth can grind up even the moistest buds and convert them into loose flower.

Another popular weed grinder is the Canada Puffin Parklands Grinder which combines Canadian maple wood together with zinc alloy. Some parts of this lightweight product are even done by hand, and its great design provides a smooth grind.

Best Plastic Weed Grinders

Even though plastic weed grinders aren’t the most durable ones, they’re a budget-friendly option, and if you do choose one that’s of good quality, you can end up using it for many years.

The Keeper is one of the most high-quality grinders made out of high-strength polymers. Not only is it affordable and has very sharp teeth, but it also has an upper storage compartment that contains up to 5 grams of herb, and a lower compartment which stores 7 grams ground up weed or 3.5 grams loose flower weed.

The Croc Crusher 2-Piece Acrylic Grinder is also a popular grinder for those who wish to spend a lower amount of money on their new grinder. The pointed acrylic teeth can easily grind up your cannabis bud into a perfect consistency for rolling it in a joint.

Best Aluminum Weed Grinders

For those of you who are looking for quality aluminum weed grinders, the following options can definitely peak your interest.

The 4-Piece Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the best aluminum grinders which can grind up even the most closely packed flowers. It has a hi-tech threading pattern and is made up of corrosion and scratch-resistant aerospace-grade aluminum, so it’s very durable. This 4-piece grinder has another compartment where you can store either your stash or some kief.

Another popular grinding device made of anodized aluminum is the Kannastör GR8TR V2. This grinder’s quality and strength are only matched by its unique design with a finished matte coating which makes it both a stylish and a very functional grinder. The five-piece grinder comes with an extra storing compartment where you can store your stash while you’re on the go.

This next weed grinder combines durability, sharp teeth, and aircraft-grade aluminum material. The Aerospaced weed grinder is an easy-to-use and portable grinder that is popular among many cannabis users and can give you finely ground herbs.

The final aircraft-grade aluminum 4-piece grinder is the SharpStone. Made by using the CNC technology, it’s not only great for grinding your dry herb, but it also has a good finish. The magnets secure the lid of your grinder and make it impossible to open and spill your precious flower while you’re on the move, and each grinder comes in a protective pouch.

Best Titanium Weed Grinders

If you’re after the most durable grinder with a lifetime warranty, look no further than the Space Case Grinder Titanium. This grinder is a 4-piece manual grinder that is scratch-resistant and doesn’t need cleaning. It’s one of the best titanium weed grinders which can last you for over 10 years. For a really fine grind though, you may need to look into a 2-piece grinder.

Best Weed Grinders With Kief Catchers

To collect all the glistening trichomes that cover your bud and get the most out of your weed, you’ll need to purchase a weed grinder and a kief catcher so you can top your blunt, joint, or even make moon rocks with the kief you collect. Generally, users opt for a 4-piece when they’re looking for a grinder with a kief catcher and rarely go for the 5-piece.

One of the most popular 4-piece grinders is the Santa Cruz Shredder, made out of medical-grade anodized aluminum which makes the grinder durable. The grinder has a stainless steel micron screen mesh, a magnetic lid, and a great tooth design which makes it one of the most durable grinders on the market.

Best Electric Weed Grinders

If you don’t want to grind the dry herb yourself, you should go for an electric grinder. They’re battery-powered, easy to use, and work faster than manual grinders.

One of the best electric grinders that make the process of rolling a joint easier is OTTO by Banana Bros. It’s made up of a cone holder and an electric lid that analyzes the bud to adjust the pressure and speed it should use to give you the perfect grind, and all you need to do is just press start, close the grinder, and get your rolling papers out.

Other Popular Weed Grinders

Other worthy mentions include the stainless steel weed grinders which also give you finely ground herb. They’re often combined with aluminum or zinc alloy and are both reliable and effective for grinding your dry flower.

The first one, Cali Crusher, is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum and a stainless steel screen that filters the kief into a separate compartment. Its sharp teeth grind your weed to perfection and its magnetic connections provide an easy grip, which is why this grinder is very easy to use.

The next grinder is made up of anodized aluminum and a stainless steel pollen filter. Masterdam, the 4-piece grinder, has an excellent tooth design that doesn’t scratch the grinder, but grinds the weed perfectly without clogging it.

Other Popular Topics Related to Marijuana Grinders

Cannabis users have a few more questions related to cannabis grinders other than the obvious one which is figuring out which is the best weed grinder for them, so let’s go over the most commonly asked ones.

How Do I Choose a Grinder?

If you want to be satisfied with your purchased cannabis grinder, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you place your credit card numbers and order one. In this article we’ll cover the 3 most important factors:

  • Features;
  • Size;
  • Price.

Grinder features

When picking a weed grinder, you need to look into its features to make a better decision. Decide which materials you like, whether you like your grinder to have other storage compartments, or you believe it should be light, portable, and small enough so you can take it on the go with you.

Grinder Size

Apart from the features, the size is also an important factor when choosing your new grinder. Generally, you can choose from three different sizes:

  • Mini-sized grinders which are suitable for people who are always on the go, and want to have their stash on hand, but also for those who want a more discreet grinder. The size of these grinders is generally between 40 to 50 mm in diameter and can hold about 0.5 grams of weed.
  • Medium-sized grinders are also on the smaller size, but they also have a bit more room to store your weed. The size of these grinders is between 62 to 70 mm in diameter and they can hold between 2 and 3 grams of weed.
  • Large-sized grinders are the grinders that you definitely can’t put in your pocket. With an average size of 75 mm in diameter and over 110 mm+ in height, they can hold between 3.5 and 7 grams of weed. They’re high quality and can grind a lot of weed in one go.

Grinder Price

Finally, when choosing your grinder, you must also take your budget into consideration as some grinders are more expensive than others. The best way to go about it is to find a grinder made of quality materials which still fits your allocated budget, and to do that, you’ll just need to do a bit of research.

What Grinder Does Snoop Dogg Use?

If you’ve been up to date with the cannabis scene, you probably know that Snoop Dogg has been consuming marijuna out in the open for years and years and also has a personal blunt roller as a full staff member. Since everyone wants to know what this popular weed consumer is up to, a lot of people are wondering what type of grinder Snoop uses. Well, some sources claim that because he consumes rather large quantities of weed, Snoop has a coffee grinder which he uses to grind his buds. He also uses the D-O-Double-G’s weed grinder which was gifted to him by a friend.

Does Grinding Weed Make It Less Potent?

Finally, we need to address a few misconceptions in the cannabis community, and one of them is whether cannabis is less potent after grinding. The answer is a definite no. In fact, grinding your weed ensures an even burn when smoking, ensuring you a smoother and better hit.

Are Aluminum Grinders Dangerous?

Another popular misconception is that aluminum grinders are unsafe to use due to creating metal shavings which will end up in your joint. This statement cannot be further from the truth since grinders are adequately tested before they end up for sale on the cannabis market. So, if you clean your aluminum grinder properly, you won’t have this problem. And if some metal shavings do end up in your joint, they’re unlikely to be inhaled since aluminum has a higher melting point than the one produced by a regular lighter, or even a vaporizer. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, a lot of factors affect your cannabis smoking experience. Starting from the type of nug you buy from the local dispensary, or the one you grow in your own weed garden, the group of people you’re with and the atmosphere, the cannabis smoking device you choose to use, and finally, how well your weed is ground up.

To find the best weed grinder for you, you need to take a good look at your budget, the materials that weed grinders are made of, which features you’d like your grinder to have, as well as what cannabis consumption method you prefer, and, of course, do your research.

A good weed grinder is as essential as a good cannabis flower and one doesn’t go well without the other if you’d like to have a superior cannabis experience. So, figure out your preferences and get the weed grinder that fits your individual needs.


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